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hey, this journal broke 100 posts!

man oh man. i've mostly resorted to lurking LJ again, mostly because near the end of my internship i didn't get as much free interwebs time as i wanted. so here's an update!

- i like to waste my time on thelifestream.net
- robot unicorn attack: heavy metal has taken over my brain
- fallout: new vegas is amazing, and i will ♥ it forever

also i've been getting into avatar: the last airbender, which i actually really, really like. i've seen most of it thanks to nick's marathons, but i'm trying to fill in a few gaps from the seasons. TOOOOOPH IS AWESOOOOME.

i have like, two weeks of school left although i am being horrible lazy and will probably fail out a few of these classes /sob

i will get on the ball with this school thing, i swear

and now to poke around my f-list. hi guys, and i hope you all had a good holiday! ♥
Tags: back to having a million tags per entry, i've got spurs that jingle jangle jingle, random things i like, tls, toph is amazing, updatin', what doth life
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