lee or uh (silvertones) wrote,
lee or uh

(have an incredibly long entry, lj)

been a while since i updated but i actually have shit to post about now!

first things first: i got a job last month which i am incredibly happy about. aside from wanting cash to go to my uncle's wedding, i really, really did not want my birthday to pass with me being jobless. seriously. i would have felt miserable being 23 without a job, and i got one! not retail either, i actually work at an office in the fashion field which is incredible for me. my mom helped me get this job (word of mouth, knowing people who know people) so despite our very rocky relationship right now i'm thankful for that. right now this job is seasonal (now til about november is really busy for the fashion industry) but they said they could recommend me to their showroom once i was done.

however, i'm debating going back to school and getting my bachelor's. not sure. i mean, the prospect of a steady, well paying job is really tempting but i've seen people go through the trap of working and never going back to school. then again i'm 23 now maybe i should just be happy with my associate's and let it be at that? i don't know.

fandom wise: i'm really into homestuck, true blood, game of thrones, and the real l word right now. i'm also obsessively playing as many games as possible before my job gets super busy and i can't anymore. plus my gamerscore is a pitiful ~7150 and that needs to change. my gamer pride can't handle this score.

that said i have gears of war 2 and i'm looking to pick up borderlands, resident evil 5, and red dead redemption in the near future so i have games to play online with people. i have dead or alive and soul calibur but it seems like the shooter community is more active. speaking of which:

i really want this game when it comes out oooh man. and i already put five dollars down for skyrim. so in november? i'll pretty much be in a cave growing a beard speaking in dragon tongue.

enough nerdiness for now. hope everyone on my f-list is doing well, i will go poke around entries now and update myself.
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