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lee or uh
05 July 2011 @ 09:13 pm
been a while since i updated but i actually have shit to post about now!

first things first: i got a job last month which i am incredibly happy about. aside from wanting cash to go to my uncle's wedding, i really, really did not want my birthday to pass with me being jobless. seriously. i would have felt miserable being 23 without a job, and i got one! not retail either, i actually work at an office in the fashion field which is incredible for me. my mom helped me get this job (word of mouth, knowing people who know people) so despite our very rocky relationship right now i'm thankful for that. right now this job is seasonal (now til about november is really busy for the fashion industry) but they said they could recommend me to their showroom once i was done.

however, i'm debating going back to school and getting my bachelor's. not sure. i mean, the prospect of a steady, well paying job is really tempting but i've seen people go through the trap of working and never going back to school. then again i'm 23 now maybe i should just be happy with my associate's and let it be at that? i don't know.

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enough nerdiness for now. hope everyone on my f-list is doing well, i will go poke around entries now and update myself.
lee or uh
11 May 2011 @ 10:35 am
been a while. i was going to post a few memes now that i have a few new people on the flist, but instead i first wanted to state this very important fact.

i'm addicted to homestuck

it's actually really really good

thats really all there is to say on the matter
lee or uh
31 March 2011 @ 12:42 pm
AW YEAH. I've been reblogging Sucker Punch to death on my tumblr but I wanted to make an actual LJ post about it as well. First let me get out of the way: an excellent, yet spoiler ridden feminist analysis of the film. There's been so much negativity surrounding the movie regarding this, but I've noticed it's almost like a game of telephone. Someone tells someone tells someone who heard the movie is... insert whatever here. The most baffling was someone accusing this PG-13 movie of being a softcore porn. There is not one bare tit or ass in this movie, let alone a sex scene. What.


a mini review, very light to no spoilersCollapse )
lee or uh
19 March 2011 @ 06:34 pm

So really this is mostly tumblr's fault for being so addicting, but I started play DA2 and I wanted to ramble about it a bit, since I know some people on my f-list are playing and yay for sharing thoughts. I'm hitting the end of act one now, so spoilers up to then.

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lee or uh
30 November 2010 @ 03:50 pm
man oh man. i've mostly resorted to lurking LJ again, mostly because near the end of my internship i didn't get as much free interwebs time as i wanted. so here's an update!

- i like to waste my time on thelifestream.net
- robot unicorn attack: heavy metal has taken over my brain
- fallout: new vegas is amazing, and i will ♥ it forever

also i've been getting into avatar: the last airbender, which i actually really, really like. i've seen most of it thanks to nick's marathons, but i'm trying to fill in a few gaps from the seasons. TOOOOOPH IS AWESOOOOME.

i have like, two weeks of school left although i am being horrible lazy and will probably fail out a few of these classes /sob

i will get on the ball with this school thing, i swear

and now to poke around my f-list. hi guys, and i hope you all had a good holiday! ♥
Current Music: wolf parade - i'll believe in anything
lee or uh
20 October 2010 @ 01:57 pm
to the idiot on tumblr

these kids killed themselves because they were NOT treated equal, or as people. we wear purple to raise awareness of a series of harassment and crimes that have been ignored and are only now are being brought to the forefront. we want people to be aware of their actions to prevent any more senseless deaths. to have people think about the weight of their actions on another human being.

so, really mr. tumblr, fuck you and the horse you rode in on! /o/