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there's a fork in the road.

lee or uh
27 June
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she sang a short tune;

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(not)gonna raichu a lovesong, a softer world, adventure time, aerith's sperm ribbon, being late for everything, bella (band), bioshock, bisexual drama, bret's angry dance, business socks, claire bennet, cleris, courier six, cursive, death cab for cutie, diane von furstenberg, doing beachy things, dropping fairies, dunkin donuts, elle/claire, fallout, fallout: new vegas, fang/vanille, fashion, final fantasy, final fantasy xiii, flight of the conchords, garbage day!!, gay marriage, getting red on me, heroes, homestuck, i'd do it again, impossible femslash, indie music, kandinsky, letters i don't send, lightning, lovin' in the summertime, marvelous misadventures of flapjack, minus the bear, misfits, mixtapes, monkey swallows the universe, moschino, my-brother-died-that-way, neil gaiman, not fucking internet explorer, obama/michelle, overall enthusiasm, rebecca taylor, regular show, rilo kiley, ruki being an asshole, she's so hot boom, stay cool bret, stfu urameshi, sucker punch, swine flu means zombies, the l word, the marx brothers, the motherfucking batman, they fight crime!, trolling fanboys, two seconds, uncertainty in my future, unlinked interests lolol, what doth life, who's on first?, would you kindly, yu yu hakusho, zombie apocalypse